About Me
Where I've been and where I want to go

Some men dream of fortunes...

My goal is to continue empowering those around me and solve complex challenges through leadership, creativity, and a critical pragmatism. I've worked with SMB and enterprise customers alike. As much as I enjoy going out and collaborating with customers, working internally to lead a team to be self-empowered is what truly energizes me.

Profesional Experience

My professional experiences are diverse and I'm better for it. Here are some of the organizations, roles, and successes I have been a part of.
  • Solutions Engineer / Customer Success (2016-Present)
    • Manage the retention and expansion of customers through building strong relationships, co-creating solutions, and advocating for customer needs.
    • Led an initiative to increase annual subscription rate of existing customers.
    • Led 2019 pricing change to offer "full service" subscriptions.
    • Facilitated communication between customers, CS team, and Engineering to develop multiple core feature enhancements.
  • Freelance Writer (2018-Present)
    • Programming tutorials published by Better Programming on Medium.com
    • Writing advice published by Better Marketing on Medium.com
  • Adjunct Professor, Undergraduate Programming (2010-2016)
    • IT 102: Discrete Structures, discrete mathematics with programming fundamentals in Python
    • IT 207: Applied IT Programming, web-focused server-side programming with PHP, MySQL, and HTML
  • Martial Arts Instructor (1997-2017)
    • Hired, trained, and supervised junior instructors
    • Community role model, leadership, and student advocacy
    • Over 20,000 hours of experience teaching


I was raised with education being paramount. I am proud to hold three degrees that have shaped my expertise and form a unique blend of technical, leadership, and communication skills.
  • PhD in Education, Specialization in Higher Education
    Investigating the Professional Experiences of Adjunct Faculty
  • Master's of Science in Applied Information Technology
    IT Project Management in the Federal Sector
  • Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology
    Web-based ticketing system for campus IT support

Others dream of cookies...

I'm a lifelong learner and martial artist. I'm energized by learning new technologies and I embrace the grind of developing a new skill. I relax by building PCs, watching mixed martial arts, and competing in anything and everything.