About Me
Where I've been and where I want to go

Some men dream of fortunes...

My goal is to continue empowering those around me and solve complex challenges through leadership, creativity, and a critical pragmatism. I've worked with SMB and enterprise customers alike. As much as I enjoy going out and collaborating with customers, working internally to lead a team to be self-empowered is what truly energizes me.

Profesional Experience

My professional experiences are diverse and I'm better for it. Here are some of the organizations, roles, and successes I have been a part of.
  • Solutions Engineer / Customer Success (2016-Present)
    • Manage the retention and expansion of customers through building strong relationships, co-creating solutions, and advocating for customer needs.
    • Led an initiative to increase annual subscription rate of existing customers.
    • Led 2019 pricing change to offer "full service" subscriptions.
    • Facilitated communication between customers, CS team, and Engineering to develop multiple core feature enhancements.
  • Freelance Writer (2018-Present)
    • Programming tutorials published by Better Programming on Medium.com
    • Writing advice published by Better Marketing on Medium.com
  • Adjunct Professor, Undergraduate Programming (2010-2016)
    • IT 102: Discrete Structures, discrete mathematics with programming fundamentals in Python
    • IT 207: Applied IT Programming, web-focused server-side programming with PHP, MySQL, and HTML
  • Martial Arts Instructor (1997-2017)
    • Hired, trained, and supervised junior instructors
    • Community role model, leadership, and student advocacy
    • Over 20,000 hours of experience teaching


I was raised with education being paramount. I am proud to hold three degrees that have shaped my expertise and form a unique blend of technical, leadership, and communication skills.
  • PhD in Education, Specialization in Higher Education
    Investigating the Professional Experiences of Adjunct Faculty
  • Master's of Science in Applied Information Technology
    IT Project Management in the Federal Sector
  • Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology
    Web-based ticketing system for campus IT support

Others dream of cookies...

I'm a lifelong learner and martial artist. I'm energized by learning new technologies and I embrace the grind of developing a new skill. I relax by building PCs, watching mixed martial arts, and competing in anything and everything.

Drop your email address below if you'd like to receive periodic updates from me. My focus is programming and writing, but I'm also interested in everything from martial arts to e-sports.