How can I help?

Teamwork makes the dream work

Don't spend countless hours struggling through growing pains. Don't go at it alone, hoping things will get better. Focus on what you do best and let me empower you and your team. I will work collaboratively with you to produce results that neither side could achieve on their own. Read on to learn about how I can help you.
data collection consulting
Data Collection Consulting

Helping you work smarter, not harder

Do you need help mobilizing your data collection, workflow processing, or analytics and reports? I've worked with both SMB and enterprise organizations on digitizing traditional data capture and building automation workflows.
  • Digitizing paper forms
  • Workflow integrations
  • Analytics and report generation
  • Continuous improvement
personal tech coaching
Personal Tech Coaching

Don't learn to code on your own

Programming is tough. Normally you learn on a need-to-know basis, leading to pockets of knowledge that don't relate to each other. Let me help you connect the dots. Whether you need to generate a custom report or connect your CRM to a 3rd party service, I can save you time, headaches, and future problems by personally coaching you on coding.
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • REST API integrations
freelance content creation
Freelance Content Creation

Content that speaks to you

Writing preferences are subjective, but I believe the best content reads and views like a conversation. Engage your audience with inclusive content that speaks to them as an individual.
  • Blog posts
  • White papers
  • Documentation and training