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Latest Medium Posts (1-6-2024)

Dusting off Code 85 and Growth 85

Dusting off Code 85 and Growth 85

Kicking off 2024, the focus is on goal-setting and process. I’ve gotten away from it in the last few years letting the day-to-day hustle distract me. Making sure I’m physically healthy, mentally engaged, and setting medium+long term goals is the core of my daily mindfulness.

I stopped writing and posting on Medium for a few years. Honestly, Covid cratered my partnership earnings, which had the same effect on my motivation. But that doesn’t matter, because deep down the reason I started writing was for myself. I posted a few articles this week, dusting off both Code 85 and Growth 85 — my two publications for programming and customer success content respectively. Here’s a brief synopsis and links for you to follow:

  • How to Use Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): These two simple business metrics are defined and we discuss four ways to meaningfully use the data. Read the article
  • Three Easy Segmentation Strategies for Customer Success Teams: Focused on growing Customer Success teams, segmentation is critical to providing structure and clarity as your customer base grows. Read the article
  • Strapi: How to Restrict Users to Edit Only Themselves: Strapi is my new favorite toy. It’s supremely customizable and takes a developer-friendly approach to simulataneously building a data model and the corresponding APIs. Read the article

For now, I’m going to keep posting on Medium as I have a strong followership there. We’ll see what the future holds, but I don’t care as much about the passive income anymore… it’s all about making sure I keep pushing myself and create content.

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