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Jonathan Hsu

I'm a Solutions Consulant passionate about solving expensive problems. I believe in co-creating solutions with customers and developing a deep relationship as their trusted advisor. I specialize in business process automation, specifically field service workflows in the Agriculture, Utilities, and Engineering industries.

About me

Welcome to my problem-solving journey. I've lived a variety of professional lives. From the dojo to the classroom to the conference table, my obsession with building relationships and connecting people to answers remains constant.

Having the effective communication skills to define business problems along with the technical chops to make plans a reality, you won't find a better person to co-create a solution with.

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Work experience

VP, Customer Success
Zerion Software, Inc.
2016 - 2023

Collaborate with clients to understand design requirements and objectives.
Develop branding solutions, including logos, color palettes, and brand guidelines.
Design marketing materials such as brochures, posters, and digital assets.
Create visually appealing user interfaces for websites and applications.

Adjunct Faculty
IST Department, George Mason University
2010 - 2016

Assisted senior designers in creating design concepts and visual assets.
Contributed to the development of brand identities and marketing collateral.
Collaborated with the marketing team to ensure consistent design across campaigns.
Gained hands-on experience in various design software and tools.

Head Instructor
The Black Belt Academy
1997 - 2016

Assisted senior designers in creating design concepts and visual assets.
Contributed to the development of brand identities and marketing collateral.
Collaborated with the marketing team to ensure consistent design across campaigns.
Gained hands-on experience in various design software and tools.


PhD, Higher Education Administration
College of Education & Human Development
George Mason University - 2019

MS, Information Technology ITPM / Federal Sector
Volgenau School of Engineering
George Mason University - 2010


B2B SaaS Solution Consulting

Advise organizations on cloud technology solutions

Business Process Automation

Design automations for complex business processes

Digital Transformation

Migrate traditional data operations to digital solutions

Integrations & REST APIs

Build bridges between multiple softwares

Programming & Software Development

Proficient in Python, JavaScript, Java, and SQL

Growth / Revenue Operations

Implement strategies to optimize revenue and growth alignment

Customer Success Leadership

Develop teams focused on retention, cross-selling, and up-selling

Product Led Growth

Advocate for strategies to improve product led growth (PLG)

CRM Admin & Development

Architect and administrate customer-centric systems

Client testimonials

" I worked closely with Jonathan on a custom data capture project for the mining industry. I would strongly endorse him as an incredible addition to any team or project. Jonathan has a unique ability to blend his advanced technical aptitude with highly effective communication. He consistently used humble inquiry and active listening to clearly define our process requirements. He then architected solutions with speed and quality while openly soliciting feedback on improvements. Jonathan's natural curiosity, reliability and consultative problem solving made him a critical resource and partner on our project. "

Rob Rickerson Image

Rob Rickerson

Director of Operations and Analytics, Red Stag Fulfillment

" Jonathan has been a fantastic support to myself and the Concern Worldwide team for the past few years. His technical advice and support have always been timely, effective and clear. From project inception, to planning and delivery, his communication and ability to ask the right questions have ensured that projects are always delivered successfully. Above all, I really value Jonathan's enthusiasm for his work and skill as a teacher. This has really helped me develop my own technical and project planning skills. "

Patrick Moss Image

Patrick Moss

Digital Data Gathering Adviser, Concern Worldwide

" Jonathan is an asset to any complex technology development effort as well as a trusted ally. He is simultaneously able to provide superior focus on the customer while assuring platform integrity is maintained, ultimately assuring projects/deliverables are completed on time and beyond expectations. "

Rob Frankel Image

Rob Frankel

CEO MAPFlow Mobile

" Jonathan is a fantastic web solution design consultant. His work was excellent; he provided some very welcome recommendations that made the site much more effective. Jonathan was very responsive; he quickly became familiar with the details of what we were looking for, and he partnered with a couple of our consultants in building a very useful web solution in a matter of weeks. I would highly recommend Jonathan's services! "

Al Baharmast Image

Al Baharmast

CEO Process Informatics Inc.

" He has a wonderful ability to summarize flaws in the kids' form with just a few words. This requires deep knowledge, high skills of observation, solid communication skills, and a terrific intellect. Mr. Hsu also has high integrity and a strong work ethic. And he is a super all around nice guy! My son is lucky to have a teacher like him. "

Jeff Offutt Image

Jeff Offutt

Professor and Chair at University at Albany

" Jon is truly a rare find. He started his martial arts training at the Black Belt Academy, received his Black Belt, continued to teach at the same school and finally becoming the Senior instructor at BBA. Jon has successfully instructed many students who admire and respect him. "

Mallory Woods Image

Mallory Woods

Martial Arts Specialist

Past projects

Elegant solutions that empower working smarter, not harder. Enjoy a sample of the solutions I've architected over the years

Python API wrapper for iFormBuilder

Empowered users to 5x their productivity through command-line scripting.

Improved environment management by ensuring reproducable deployments.

Used as the foundation for custom data loaders deployed as AWS Lambda and DigitalOcean Serverless Functions.

JSON Splitter
Command-line tool for chunking large JSON files

Simple command-line tool for splitting large JSON files into equally sized files.

Splits files structured as an array of objects by a maximum file size designated at runtime.

Useful for meeting system upload limitations.

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