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New Beginnings

It's time for a new beginning

It's time for a new beginning

It’s been a minute. I used to love rebuilding j-hsu.com with a new technology or a new framework, but that process was put on hold for several years.

Nevertheless, I’m back!

I had a brief stint writing technical tutorials and to a lesser extent Customer Success blogs on Medium.com, but Covid really changed the landscape of Medium and I stopped publishing there. I also fully devoted myself to my work at Zerion Software and really didn’t have the bandwidth to play on my own and struggle through learning new technologies.

However, as the title intimates, it’s time for a new beginning.

First up, a face lift for j-hsu.com and a recommitment to at post once in a while here… more importantly, a recommitment to do things worthwhile of posting on here.

alt text

The previous site used Gatsby which is a static site generator (SSG) built on top of React. This newest version of j-hsu.com is built on Astro, using the Astrowind template.

So, why Astro?

  1. It’s fast to develop and logically structured for a non-dev
  2. It’s a meta-framework allowing me to selectively use other technologies that interest me
  3. Supports Markdown content collections for easy publishing

After a weekend of tinkering around, I truly enjoyed the learning process using Astro.

  • Routes are structured as directories and files
  • Pages have three main sections: Frontmatter, HTML, and JavaScript so it’s easier to read
  • The src directory is organized as pages, layouts, components, and content which resonates with me

I’ll be publishing with Github Pages. In the past I’ve used Netlify and DigitalOcean, but I want to try something else.

For now, that’s all. It feels great to give j-hsu.com a glow up and I’m excited for what the future has in store!

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